Occupy Earth Day: An Expose of the Corporate Propaganda Systems that Undermine Systemic Change Activism

This Earth Day, like so many others, we'll be invited to pick up litter, plant trees, be reminded to recycle, and countless other personal habits we can adopt to save the earth. Corporations pitching "green" products will bust out their "Lorax-approved" logos and encourage our "green" consumption.

To Win Ohio and Pennsylvania, Obama Must Oppose Fracking

by Alex Lotorto

This morning, I was sipping coffee and watching Sunday morning talk shows with my parents. We talked about the presidential election when my dad muted the commercial breaks that consistently included fossil fuel industry commercials.

My mom put it simply, "I made phone calls, put up posters, and worked at the [Obama] campaign office in 2008. I won't do that again if he supports fracking. He needs to protect our clean water, public health, and well-being."

Shale Gas Outrage - Protest and Conference - Sept 7 and 8 in Philadelphia

Submitted by Aaron on Fri, 09/02/2011 - 17:25

Energy Justice will be participating in the Shale Gas Outrage protest on Sept 7 and the one-day conference on Sept 8.

We will be giving a workshop (from 10:45-12) and tabling. Drop by and say hello!

Our workshop:
Mapping and Fighting Demand for Natural Gas: Power Plants and LNG Exports
Mike Ewall, Aaron Kreider & Amy Wilson

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