Carbon Accounting Errors Skew Burlington, Vermont’s Climate Plan

The City of Burlington, Vermont’s Draft Climate Action Plan reports only a fraction of the carbon dioxide (CO2) smokestack emissions from the McNeil Generating Station [pictured below]—a 50 megawatt biomass incinerator supplying roughly one-third of the city’s electricity—hindering the city’s efforts to accurately measure and reduce its carbon footprint

Obama and Romney Unite on Destructive Bioenergy Policy

President Barack Obama and Republican Party Nominee Mitt Romney may not see eye to eye on issues like same-sex marriage, immigration, or abortion, but when it comes to the candidates’ harmful stances on biomass energy and biofuels, the two might as well be running on the same ticket.


Governor Mitt Romney 

EPA to Revise Particulate Matter Standards

- by Rachel Smolker

Medical professionals agree that particulates—especially the smaller ones that can enter deep into the lungs—are harmful to human health, so much so that there is, in fact, no “safe level” of exposure. Yet, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is tasked with setting a level for particulate emissions from biomass and other power plants—as if some number of illnesses and deaths is “acceptable.”

Portland Pollution Map

Submitted by Aaron on Mon, 09/03/2012 - 19:30

Neighbors for Clean Air has very neat looking map of suspicious odors and factories. There is also a schools layer which I turned off. The school layer only includes schools in a small square area of the city. It also looks like the factory data is incomplete and does not cover an industrial section in the northern part of town.