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Ocean City, Maryland does not recycle and ships all of their trash and recycling to be burned at the largest trash incinerator in the U.S. in the City of Chester, Pennsylvania -- known as one of the worst cases of environmental racism in the nation.

Please sign this petition if you pledge to fight against the blatant environmental racism in Chester by boycotting Ocean City, MD!

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Dear Mayor Richard W. Meehan and Ocean City Council Members:

I'm joining those who are boycotting Ocean City until the city starts genuine recycling back up and stops burning its trash and recyclables.

Chester, PA, which is 69% Black with a poverty rate three times the national average, is internationally known as one of the worst cases of environmental racism in the United States.

Chester is home to a Covanta trash incinerator, which is the largest waste-burning facility in the U.S., gathering trash from New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and the surrounding areas. The nearly 3,510 tons of waste burned at the facility every day release harmful levels of air pollutants. Covanta is the largest air polluter in the City of Chester and one of the top air polluters in the greater Philadelphia region.

Ocean City, MD claims that sending their waste to Covanta is recycling, but in reality waste incineration is a process that harms the health of thousands of Chester residents. In contrast, recycling and composting the same discarded materials save 3-5 times as much energy as incinerators can recover. Trash incineration is the most polluting way to manage waste or to make energy.

I'll be boycotting Ocean City until the "Boycott Ocean City" campaign confirms that Ocean City has contracted to end incineration of its waste, and commits to restart genuine recycling.

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