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Please sign below to let Philadelphia Union and Subaru know that burning trash is not environmentally friendly!

It's not "zero landfill" as they claim, and just pollutes soccer players and fans when trash is burned in the nation's largest trash burner a block away from the stadium.

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To Philadelphia Union Stadium and Subaru of America:

While I applaud your efforts to recycle, I must object to your "Zero Landfill" policy that pretends to avoid landfills by burning trash and sending toxic ash to landfills after polluting our air.

Based on Subaru's "Zero Landfill" policy, the Philadelphia Union Stadium is partnering with Covanta, which runs the nation's largest trash incinerator -- with the fewest pollution controls -- just a block from the stadium. This incinerator is the largest air polluter in Chester and one of the top air polluters in the greater Philadelphia region.

This pollution contributes to asthma attacks, cancer, heart attacks, and much more. Soccer players and fans, not to mention residents in Chester and the region, should not have to breathe in our trash. Incineration is the most expensive and polluting way to make energy or to manage waste, and is forbidden in a real "zero waste" system.

I ask you to please immediately stop sending trash to the Covanta incinerator, and stop hailing this as an environmental effort so long as burning trash is still part of your waste management system.

I ask that Subaru of America also revisit its policy, and recognize that landfilling, bad as it is, is preferable to burning trash and landfilling toxic ash.

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