Energy Justice Network Board

Mike Ewall started his activist life in 1991, volunteering in a community group fighting a trash incinerator in the suburbs of Philadelphia. From there he spent 8-10 years involved in the Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC) and the Pennsylvania Environmental Network, a network of grassroots community groups fighting landfills, incinerators, and many other proposals. He's the founder of ActionPA and the Energy Justice Network, projects that help people throughout Pennsylvania and beyond in grassroots struggles against all sorts of waste and energy facilities.

Traci Confer started out in 1997, assisting with a local fight against a wood waste incinerator in Morrisville, Pennsylvania. She's worked with Mike Ewall ever since, helping with research, computer training, web and database development and community organizing.

Terry Nordbrock, MPH, Arizona - Environmental Health Scientist and Executive Director of the National Disease Clusters Alliance as well as President of Families Against Cancer & Toxics (FACT). Terry became concerned about environmental health when her two-year-old son was diagnosed with leukemia. She has successfully worked to defeat three proposed waste incinerators in Arizona and is currently working on early detection, rapid response and upstream prevention of disease clusters.

Karen Orr is a long time political and environmental activist focused on water and wetland protection, land use, and energy issues. Recently she has been involved in organizing against proposed coal plants, "biomass" burners, nuclear plants, new "incinerators-in-disguise" schemes, ethanol plants and fuel farming.

Frances Whittington lives in Chester, Pennsylvania and is a key member of the multi-racial, countywide DelCo Alliance for Environmental Justice.

Julia Stone is a trained ecologist and microbiologist who used to work with adjudicated youth in a wilderness program and currently works for the Philadelphia Water Department testing drinking water quality and wastewater discharges for the City of Philadelphia.