Energy Justice Network Board

Frances Whittington lives in Chester, Pennsylvania and was a key member of the multi-racial, countywide DelCo Alliance for Environmental Justice when it stopped the world’s largest tires-to-oil project. She supports the Chester Residents Concerned for Quality Living, the EJ group fighting to close the nation’s largest waste incinerator.

Traci Confer lives in Philadelphia and started her activism in 1997, assisting with a local fight against a wood waste incinerator in Morrisville, Pennsylvania. She has a BA in Geography from Humboldt State University.

Terry Nordbrock, MPH, lives in Tucson, Arizona and is an Environmental Health Scientist and Executive Director of the National Disease Clusters Alliance as well as President of Families Against Cancer & Toxics (FACT). Terry became concerned about environmental health when her two-year-old son was diagnosed with leukemia. She has successfully worked to defeat three proposed waste incinerators in Arizona and worked on early detection, rapid response and upstream prevention of disease clusters.

Karen Orr in Gainesville, Florida, is a long-time political and environmental activist focused on water & wetland protection, land use, and energy issues. She’s helped organize against proposed coal plants, “biomass” burners, nuclear plants, “incinerators-in-disguise” schemes, ethanol plants and fuel farming.

Julia Stone is a trained ecologist and microbiologist who used to work with adjudicated youth in a wilderness program and currently works for the Philadelphia Water Department testing drinking water quality and wastewater discharges for the City of Philadelphia.

Richelle Lee is a Black single mother of an autistic child. Motivated by her personal experience with asthma and other health challenges, she became an advocate in Camden for Clean Air, a group that stopped a proposed microgrid from being powered by the trash incinerator that is the largest air polluter in Camden County, New Jersey. She's the Youth Work Chair and Communication, Press & Publicity Chair in the local Camden County NAACP, and is currently an Environmental Leadership Program fellow. Richelle has committed to her work as a freelance marketer, assisting community organizations with graphic design, community engagement, research, campaigns, and program coordination. Richelle graduated from Rutgers University with a B.A. in Africana Studies (Black studies) and Education.

Steve Brittle is Co-Founder and President of Don’t Waste Arizona, Inc., a statewide non-profit environmental organization since 1990, focused on environmental justice, preventing toxic exposures and pollution, advocating clean, renewable energy. Skills include working with ethnically diverse member organizations; providing community-based environmental education; research, grassroots organizing; frequent speaking and teaching engagements, numerous media appearances; successful citizen suit enforcement of federal environmental laws (EPCRA, RCRA, and Clean Water Act) with all cases successfully litigated or settled (~90%); and has produced two environmental education videos.

Cristina Muñoz De La Torre has 13 years of research and leadership experience in the areas of climate, environmental justice, and natural hazards and disasters. Cristina is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Iowa where her dissertation analyzes the distribution of federal disaster assistance to low-income and BIPOC communities. Cristina joined the Energy Justice Network as a board member in 2021, however, she was involved with the organization since 2010 when she co-organized an environmental justice tour in Chester, PA. Cristina currently serves as the Climate & Environmental Justice Director of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) of Iowa and is a fellow of the Bill Anderson Fund (BAF).