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We can help you defend your community from dirty energy and waste facilities, especially proposed ones. Our experience, networks, databases, and materials are all made with the intention of supporting you. Feel free to call or email us any time.

Each staff member's email address consists of their first name followed by @energyjustice.net

MikeFounder & Executive Director: Mike Ewall (215-436-9511) has been active since high school in 1990. His student and community work has helped many communities achieve victories against coal and gas power plants, landfills, incinerators, ethanol plants, medical waste facilities, and other noxious industries. His work includes research, writing, programming, organizing, networking, public speaking, legal work, policy analysis, advising and more. Find his full bio here.

Traci Administrative Director: Traci Confer (215-743-4884) started out in 1997, assisting with a local fight against a wood waste incinerator in Morrisville, Pennsylvania. She's worked with Mike Ewall ever since, helping with research, database management and community organizing.

StephBaltimore Organizer: Stephanie Compton (443-253-2581) has been working on Environmental justice issues since 2012. A Texas native, first joined the movement with Texas Campaign for the Environment working on state EPR campaigns to improve recycling and on local ordinances to ban fracking. Moved to Baltimore, MD in 2014 to continue the work with Food & Water Watch working on the state campaigns to ban fracking and holding corporate polluters responsible for waste runoff in the Chesapeake Bay. Organized with United Workers to pass Earned Paid Sick Leave in Maryland. Currently working on all things pertaining to zero waste.

JosieStaff Coordinator: Josie Lopez (she/they) is an experienced organizer, manager, and photographer. They take pride in providing a safe and equitable working environment focusing on people first. She also has an unwavering love for all doggos.

Grant Writer: Casey Cwalinski is a Communications Studies graduate deeply committed to issues of justice broadly conceived. She has worked in various non-profit organizations over the past five years, and strives to align her actions with her values by continuously being receptive to new information and opportunities to live a zero waste lifestyle.
In her spare time, Casey loves to learn vocabulary in new languages and study linguistics. Her favorite focus is in proto-indo-european etymology and diachronic linguistics.

Mapping Project, Website, and Online Community: Aaron Kreider has worked as a web developer since 2002. He uses PHP, MySQL, Google Maps, GIS, and other open source tools. He also has experience in statistical analysis and social movements (MA in Sociology from the University of Notre Dame). He is currently working on making his house more sustainable with solar panels, a vegetable garden, rain barrels, insulation, finding air leaks, two clothes lines, LED lights, and more. He can provide local community groups with computer tech advice (and also statistical analysis) and is open to making online (and possibly offline) maps for you.