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NameChild Corporation
51 B Landfill
51st Street Landfill
545 Landfill
Abilene Regional Landfill
Ahearn Landfill
Allied Waste Oberlin Landfill
American Disposal Services of Bloomington Landfill
Anderson Regional Landfill
Anderson Solid Waste Disposal Site
Apache Junction Landfill
Apex Regional Landfill
Archuleta County Landfill
Area 90 Landfill
Autoshred Incorporated Solid Waste Landfill
Backridge Solid Waste Landfill
Beaumont Landfill
Belleville Sanitary Landfill
Benson Valley Area Landfill
BFI Modern Landfill
BFI North Shelby Landfill
BFI Shelby Drive Landfill
BFI South Shelby Landfill
BFI Twin Oaks Landfill
BFI Waste Systems of N.A., Inc.
BFI-Hickory Ridge
BFI-Roberts Road
BFI/Commerce City -Tower Road Landfill
BFI/Quail Canyon Landfill
BFI/RPS Landfill-Golden
Big River Landfill
Bigfoot Run Sanitary Landfill
Blue Ridge Landfill
Brazoria County Disposal Landfill
Brent Run Landfill
Brickyard Recycling And Disposal Landfill
Broadhurst Environmental
Broken Arrow Landfill
Brunswick Waste Management Facility
Bryant Street Landfill
Butler County Solid Waste Landfill
C&C Expanded Sanitary Landfill
Carbon Limestone Landfill
Carleton Farms Landfill
Carter Valley Landfill
Celina Sanitary Landfill
Central Sanitary Landfill
Charter Waste Landfill
Chateau Fresno Landfill
Cherokee County Landfill
Cherokee Run Landfill/Laidlaw Waste Systems Landfill
Chiquita Canyon Solid Waste Landfill
Citizens Disposal Landfill
CMS Landfill V
Coal Bluff Landfill
Coffin Butte Landfill
Colonial Landfill
Community Refuse Disposal, Incorporated - Fremont
Conestoga Landfill
County Environmental - Wyandot Landfill
County Landfill, Incorporated
County Line Landfill
Countywide Recycling & Disposal Landfill
Courtney Ridge Solid Waste Landfill
Crescent Acres Landfill
CSC Disposal and Landfill
Denver Regional Landfill (North)
Denver Regional Landfill (South)
Dixon Municipal GROP #2
Dozit Company Inc. Landfill
East Carolina Regional Landfill
EDC Landfill - Hoopeston
Elk Run Sanitary Landfill
Ellis Scott Solid Waste Landfill
Environmental Reclamation Company
Environtech Landfill
Epperson Waste Disposal
Fall River
Flying Cloud Solid Waste Landfill
Foothills Environmental Landfill
Forest Lawn Landfill
Forest View Landfill
Forward Landfill, Inc.
Front Range Landfill
Galveston County Landfill
Glenwillow Sanitary Landfill
Green Valley Environmental Corporation Landfill
Greenridge Reclamation/Y&S Solid Waste Landfill
Greenwood Farms
Gulf Pines Landfill
Halifax Landfill
Honey-Go-Run Reclamation
Hutchins Landfill
IL Waste Systems
Imperial Landfill
Jefferson City Sanitary Landfill
JMN Landfill
K & H Disposal Landfill
Keller Canyon Landfill
Kestrel Hawk Park Landfill
King & Queen Landfill
Laidlaw South Landfill
Laidlaw Waste Systems Incorporated
Laidlaw, Incorporated Solid Waste Landfill
Laidlaw/Wilmer Landfill
LandComp Landfill
Laubscher Meadows Landfill
Laughlin Landfill
Lee County Landfill
Lee County LF, LLC
Lemons Solid Waste Landfill
Lemons Solid Waste Landfill, Incorporated
Litchfield-Hillsborough Landfill
Little Dixie Landfill
Livingston Landfill
Lorain County I/II Landfill
LWS Logan County (Cherokee Run) Landfill
Lyon Development
MacBeth Road Landfill
Mallard Ridge Landfill
Mallard Ridge Northern Expansion Landfill
Maloy Landfill
Manistee County Landfill
Marshall/Boulder Landfill
McCarty Road Landfill
Middlepoint Landfill
Midwest Solid Waste Landfill
Mill Creek Landfill
Missoula Landfill
Missouri Pass Solid Waste Landfill
Model Fill Inc. Sanitary Landfill
Modern Landfill
Morris Farm Landfill
NENSWC Landfill
New Castle Landfill
Newby Island Solid Waste Landfill Phases I, II, & III
Niagara LF, Incorporated
Nine Mile Road, Inc.
Noble Road Landfill
Norfolk Landfill
North County C&D Landfill
Northeast Sanitary Landfill
Northern Disposal Incorporated Landfill
Northside Sanitary Landfill
Northwest Tennessee Disposal Landfill
Oak Grove Landfill
Ohio County Balefill Landfill
Oklahoma Landfill
Old Dominion Sanitary Landfill
One Bin for All
Onyx Greentree Landfill
Otay Landfill
Ottawa County Farms Landfill
Ottawa County Landfill
Ox Mountain Solid Waste Landfill
Pepperhill C&D Industrial Landfill
Pine Bend Solid Waste Landfill
Pine Grove Regional Facility Landfill
Pine Hill Landfill
Pine Ridge Recycling
Pine View Solid Waste Landfill Municipal Solid Waste Landfill
Plainville Landfill
Potrero Hills Solid Waste Landfill
Pottawatomie County Landfill
Prairieview Landfill
Randolph Landfill
RCS - Jerseyville
Redbird Solid Waste Landfill
Richmond Landfill
Roosevelt Regional Landfill
Roxana Landfill
Royal Oaks
Sampson County Landfill
Sangamon Valley Landfill
Sauk Trail Hills Landfill
Savannah Regional Industrial Landfill
Seagull Sanitation - Pebbly Beach Landfill
Short Creek Landfill
Show Me Regional Solid Waste Landfill
South Barrington
Southeast Solid Waste Landfill
Southern Illinois Regional Landfill
Southwest Landfill
Southwest Regional Landfill
Speedway-SR 324 Site I
Spoon Ridge Landfill
Springfield Environmental Landfill
Sprint Landfill
Streator Area Landfill
Sunset Farms-Austin Landfill
Sunshine Canyon/North Valley Landfill
Swift Creek Environmental Landfill
Sycamore Ridge Landfill
Tay Mouth Landfill
Tessman Road Landfill
Timberlands Municipal Solid Waste Landfill
Towanda Electric Facility
Trashaway San Angelo Landfill
Tri-K Landfill, Inc.
Tricil Environmental Response/Altar Solid Waste Landfill
Troy Area LF Incorporated
Turkey Creek Landfill
Union County Landfill
Upper Piedmont Environmental Landfill
Upper Rock Island County Landfill
Uwharrie Environmental Regional Landfill
UWL Inc-Richland Creek Road
Valley View Landfill
Vasco Road Solid Waste Landfill
Victory Environmental Services Landfill
Vienna Junction Industrial Park Landfill
Wabash Valley Landfill
Watts Road Landfill
Wayne County Landfill
Wayne County Solid Waste Landfill
West Contra Costa Landfill
West Lake Solid Waste Landfill
Wheatland Landfill
Whispering Pines Landfill
White Oak Landfill
Williams County Landfill
Woodland Hills Landfill
Worthington Landfill

Allied Waste Industries, Inc.

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