Crystal River
OperatingCoal Power Plant           Total Power
2442.7 MW
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15760 West Powerline Street
Crystal River, FL 34428
United States
Citrus County
Latitude: 28.95708
Longitude: -82.6989
Year Opened: 1966
Water Source: Gulf Of Mexico
The Crystal River Complex consists of one PWR nuclear unit and four coal-fired generating units. These units came online in 1966, 1969, 1977, 1982 and 1984. Crystal River 3 has been out of service since 2009 due to cracks in the containment building concrete. The owners at Crystal River have tried repairs, but so far have been unsuccessful.
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Data Sources

EIA 2008
EJN Nuclear and Trash Incinerator Spreadsheet
Updated on 12-31-2008
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Unit Information

Generator NumberTypePowerStatusFuel
1441 MWOperatingCoal
2524 MWOperatingCoal
3Nuclear Reactor890 MWClosedUranium
4739 MWOperatingCoal
5739 MWOperatingCoal

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Estimated Electricity Production and Carbon Intensity
 Tons CO2MWh EnergyIntensity
2000 14,342,00022,452,000639
present 11,086,00016,526,000671
future 11,086,00016,526,000671

The average US citizen produces 19 tons of CO2.
This power plant produces as much CO2 as 583,473 people.

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