Frontera Energy Center
OperatingNatural Gas Power Plant           Total Power
529 MW
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320 S. Goodwin Rd
Mission, TX 78572
United States
Hidalgo County
Latitude: 26.22152
Longitude: -98.39835
Year Opened: 1999
Water Source: Rio Grande
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Data Sources

EIA 2008
Updated on 12-31-2008
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Frontera Generation Limited PartnershipOwner100%

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Unit Information

Generator NumberTypePowerStatusFuel
1Burner: Internal Combustion Engine - Combined Cycle172 MWOperatingNatural Gas
2Burner: Internal Combustion Engine - Combined Cycle172 MWOperatingNatural Gas
3Burner: Internal Combustion Engine - Combined Cycle185 MWOperatingNatural Gas

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Estimated Electricity Production and Carbon Intensity
 Tons CO2MWh EnergyIntensity
2000 490,0701,059,500463
present 983,8302,212,900445
future 983,8302,212,900445

The average US citizen produces 19 tons of CO2.
This power plant produces as much CO2 as 51,780 people.

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