Covanta Delano Biomass
OperatingBiomass / Wood Incinerator           Total Power
57.1 MW
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31500 Pond Road
Delano, CA 93215
United States
Kern County
Latitude: 35.71897
Longitude: -119.23491
Year Opened: 1990
Farms in Kern and Tulare Counties surrounding Covanta Delano generate over 580,000 tons of woody waste annually, mostly from almond, peach, and nectarine orchards. In the past, most of this material has been burned in the fields. Covanta Delano utilizes these waste materials in producing clean electricity offering farmers another alternative to open-field burning Equipped with the latest air pollution control technology, Covanta Delano is a major contributor in cleaning the air in California's Central Valley. In fact, by reducing 96 percent of the pollutants released in open-field burning, local air quality management officials have called Covanta Delano "a stationary air pollution control device."

In addition, Kern County landfills recycle tens of thousands of tons of urban wood waste each month for use at Covanta Delano. This amounts to approximately 40 percent of all urban wood waste generated in the unincorporated county. Overall, the facility processes nearly nearly 1,176 tons of biomass waste materials each day, generating more than 50 megawatt hours of electricity.
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Data Sources

California Biomass Energy Alliance
2012 U.S. Biomass Power Map
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Unit Information

PowerTypeStatusFuelSecondary Fuel(s)
25 MWBurner: Fluidized Bed - CirculatingOperatingWood Waste Solids 588 Tons Per DayAgricultural Waste / Energy Crops  
32 MWBurner: Fluidized Bed - BubblingOperatingWood Waste Solids 588 Tons Per DayAgricultural Waste / Energy Crops Other Biomass Solid

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