Marathon County LF - Area A
Operating           Total Power
2.5 MW
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Ringle, WI
United States
Marathon County
Latitude: 44.9187
Longitude: -89.4412
Year Opened: 1980
"Since 1995, Fiber Recovery Corporation has been utilizing landfill gas from the Marathon County landfill to dry wood waste from local Wausau, Wisconsin papermills. This dried material is processed into pellets and sold back to the papermills as a supplemental boiler fuel source. Because the papermill waste could be processed within a standard 8-hour workday, landfill gas was being flared the remaining 16 hours of the day. FABCO provided Fiber Recovery with three CAT G3516LE biogas generator sets to utilize the landfill gas 24 hours/day, producing renewable electricity for the local utility, recovering thermal energy from the engine jacket water to heat the manufacturing facility, and utilizing the engine exhaust gas to dry the papermill waste."
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EPA 2010 Landfill Methane Outreach Program
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Generator #1
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