WE Energies - Rothschild Biomass
Operating           Total Power
107.5 MW
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Rothschild St
Rothschild, WI 54474
United States
Marathon County
Latitude: 44.88827
Longitude: -89.6296
Year Opened: 2013
Water Source: Wisconsin River
Cost (in millions): 250
to be located next to, but connected to, the Domtar Corp Paper Mill, on the paper mill's land; it's supposed to be up and running by 2013

According to their permit: "Fuel sources may include the following and other qualifying clean biomass sources:
• logging residue
• discarded woody material from primary manufacturing facilities such as paper mills,
sawmills, or chip mills
• pulp & paper wastewater treatment plant residue from the Domtar Mill
• leftover woody material from secondary manufacturers such as door, window, cabinet
• woody biomass from municipal wood waste, tree services, and construction companies
• clean solid wood waste from discarded wood packaging such as pallets/crating and from
construction and demolition activities
• woody biomass plantations, energy crops and agricultural residues.

For purposes of the air permit application for the Project, “biomass” excludes edible portions of food crops, refuse derived fuel, chemically treated wood, municipal solid waste, sewerage sludge, and animal waste."
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Data Sources

2012 U.S. Biomass Power Map
EIA 2012 Form 860
EIA 2014 Form 860
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We EnergiesOwner 
Domtar Paper Company RothschildOperator 

Partnership for Policy IntegrityInterested
Saving Our Air ResourcesInterested

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Unit #1
Power 58 MW

Status History
Under Construction12-31-2012

Fuels and Products
Wood Waste Solids 1#Input
Natural Gas 2#Input

Fewer Details

Generator #1
Unit Type: Burner: Fluidized Bed - Circulating
Power 50 MW

Status History
Under Construction6-2011

Fewer Details

Estimated Electricity Production
 MWh Energy

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