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Coal Plants in Transition ReportThis is the summary of a report put together by Natural Capitalism Solutions. The report details the business case for transitioning from coal to renewable energy. The report gives a conceptual overvi162003-04-2010
Dirty Kilowatts2007: America’s Most Polluting Power PlantsEnvironmental Integrity Project assembled this report in 2007. "Nationwide, the power plants that provide electricity to run our homes, businesses, and factories also account for 40 percent of ca132503-29-2010
Incinerators Trash Community HealthThe Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives explains some of the health risks posed by trash incinerators.130106-28-2010
CBD Biomass Presentation 2011Center for Biological Diversity Presentation: Is Biomass Burning Worse than Coal. PPT presentation 2011121706-10-2011
An Industry Blowing SmokeReleased June 2009, this report, compiled by the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives, concludes that new incineration technologies, like older-style burners, are expensive, inefficient and co116106-28-2010
SEAC's Organizing GuideA massive revision of the Student Environmental Action Coalition's original 1991 organizing guide, this 104 page (5.5*8.5 size pages) spiral-bound manual is a great tool for beginners and experienced 108906-28-2010
Food and Water WatchExcellent resource on the detriments of Fracking by Food and Water Watch provided by Sam Schabacker107011-25-2011
Municipal Waste Composition OverviewStudy of municipal waste composition106803-02-2011
Impacts of Thinning on Carbon Stores in the PNW: A Plot LeveForest carbon storage, thinning vs non-thinning.103009-30-2011
Mercury FallingThis report is somewhat dated (data is from 1998), but it provides detailed information on how much mercury is really emitted from coal-burning power plants in the US. The Environmental Working Group 100908-16-2010
Fracking Myths and FactsThis two pager dispels the myths around (hydro)fracking in the Marcellus Shale gas formation. Drafted for Philadelphia-area residents, the factsheet may be useful to anyone organizing in opposition to99309-06-2011
The Toll from CoalPublication The Toll from Coal99211-08-2010
Mining Coal, Mounting Costs: the lifecycle consequences of cThis study quantifies the typically externalized costs of mining and burning coal.99002-28-2011
Environmental Justice and Energy Production: Coal-Fired PoweResearch paper. Identifies environmental injustice in Illinois by looking at coal plants and Census Data at the block level.98111-20-2010
Coal Ash MythsSierra Club, Earthjustice, and the Environmental Integrity project put together a resource describing the dangers of coal ash and some of the myths of how it is handled.95408-20-2010
350 Reasons Carbon Trading Won't WorkBy Carbon Trade Watch, Rising Tide North America, and the Camp for Climate Action. www.350reasons.org91008-14-2013
From Wood to WingNorthwest Advanced Renewables Alliance... converting forest residuals into bio-jet fuel and other co-products... taking wood to new heights.91003-04-2014
Air Pollution from Proposed Sunnyside Ethanol BiorefineryPollutants, permitted emissions, health problems, frequency of testing.90802-26-2011
OH-Grandview-WTL-a-SunOil1970sWTL Grandview - Sun Oil filings from 1970s86409-07-2012
Coal Blooded Action ToolkitThe Coal Blooded Action Toolkit is a step-by-step guide on how to take action to address pollution from coal fired power plants. The toolkit has six modules: Investigating Coal in Your Community, Awar85501-25-2013
Coal Ash Myth FactsheetSierra Club, Earthjustice, and the Environmental Integrity project put together this resource on the dangers of coal ash.84208-20-2010
Justification MemoRequest to go to North American Conference in FL in May 201076703-25-2011
Coal in the American WestThis report- Clearing California’s Coal Shadow from the American West- explains how coal is impacting the American West, California in particular. It profiles several coal-fired power plants in the 76208-24-2010
Loopholes, Exemptions and Omissions in the Wiregrass BiomassBREDL report73802-26-2011
RFP for Supplying Biomass FuelThis is a request for proposals to supply solid "biomass" fuel to this coal plant.73307-02-2010
MSWE Operating Budget EstimateMSWE Operating Budget New Estimate (Scenarios) 9.17.1072803-25-2011
MSWE Presentation 4.8.10AMP Ohio72403-25-2011
Flyer for Community Outreach2001 literature distributed throughout Harrisburg. Includes a "Tax Alert," a "Top 10 Myths" piece, a page on recycling and jobs, and an election-focused page.71601-21-2011
Door Hanger for 2.23 Mtg.71103-25-2011
Letter of Intent 12.8.0971104-13-2011
Memo PR Group 4/1070903-25-2011
Letter Requesting Info2/23/2010 Cleveland Industrial Air Pollution Advisory Committee letter to Cleveland Public Utilities Department requesting information70001-19-2011
Comprehensive municipal waste Study of municipal waste composition69803-02-2011
Waste Composition Study69603-25-2011
Scope of Work PermitScope of work for MSWE permit design services cover sheet69603-25-2011
MSWE 2.26.10 Presentation69003-25-2011
MSWE Postcard69003-25-2011
CPP MSWE PTI App3/17/2011 Facility Profile Report, Permit-to-Install application, Summary of Air Permit, Emissions from gasifier, Emissions Activity Category Forms.68803-18-2011
Sierra Club TX Factsheet (PDF)The 3 page factsheet created by the Sierra Club provides emissions data on proposed coal (and other) facilities in Texas.68508-24-2010
AMP prepay schedule68403-02-2011
Work Plan Dev. Mtg. AgendaApril 2010 mtg. w/ Kinsei68403-25-2011
CPP Initiatives 3.9.11 Initiatives and Updates for City Council 67903-25-2011
MSWE making bricks67803-25-2011
Facility Profile Rpt. Sum. Summary of air permit67503-25-2011
Valdosta Biomass Myth vs FactMyth vs Fact about biomass burners67302-26-2011
Marcellus Shale Gas Drilling Approaches Murrysville67302-26-2011
MSWE Mtg. 7.13.10 Agenda67203-25-2011
Agenda for MSWE Mtg. 3.8.11Brief Agenda66803-25-2011
Application for Certification66711-01-2010
Outreach flier for public forum 4/13/2011Biomass Incineration in Port Saint Joe - Do you know the whole story?66609-19-2011
MSWE 2.23.11 MTGResidential sign-in 66303-25-2011
MSWE MTG Agenda 4.23.1066303-25-2011
Timeline Request MSWEList of meeting they went to66303-25-2011
Presentation 2/23/11CCP presentation at meeting held by Councilman Zone66203-02-2011
MSWE request for PEG 3.1.11Asking for basis of design 66203-25-2011
Swarmwise: The Tactical Manual to Changing The World"'Your most valuable asset isn’t your employees,' I told the executive. 'Your most valuable asset is the thousands of people who want to work for you for free, and you don’t let them.'" 300 pgs. 66108-17-2017
What you have NOT been told about... EthanolWhat you have NOT been told about the proposed Sunnyside Ethanol LLC Biorefinery owned by Consus Ethanol LLC65902-26-2011
MSWE Public Hearing Questions65603-25-2011
MSWE TriFold65303-25-2011
Scope of MSWE team65203-25-2011
10/21/10 memo public hearingLetter from Ivan Henderson to Barry Withers suggesting public hearing64903-02-2011
Project development 6/15/10Letter from Ivan Henderson to Barry Withers64803-02-2011
MSWE 3.11.11 List of mtgs.Development update for steering team meeting64703-25-2011
MSWE MTG 2.23Public sign-in64403-25-2011
Project development 8/3/10Recommendation for meeting, letter from Henderson to Withers and Brown64303-02-2011
MSWE Mtg Agenda 5.25.1064203-25-2011
Climate Action Plan (PDF)University of Illinois developed a Climate Action Plan that charts how to get the University off coal and move toward renewable fuels.64108-20-2010
Air Pollution from Proposed Bionol Ethanol BiorefineryTable of pollutants, permitted emissions, associted health problems and frequency of testing.64102-26-2011
Translation services memoLetter recommending Japanese translator accompany group on trip to Japan in Oct 201064103-02-2011
MSWE Steering Team Mtg. 11/1011.09.1063903-25-2011
Air Pollution from Proposed Ethanol Plants: Sunnyside vs. BiPollutants, permitted emissions, health problems, frequency of testing.63802-26-2011
Feb 26 2010 presentationCPP presentation63703-02-2011
MSWE 6.15.10 MTGBrief agenda63503-25-2011
Permit SummaryPart of air permit summary63503-25-2011
Environmental Impacts 4.4.1163304-12-2011
American Lung Association in Georgia on biomass burningThe American Lung Association has significant concerns regarding the proposed biomass plant and the potential effects...63202-26-2011
MSWE Booklet63203-25-2011
Invoice from PEGJune 2010 invoice63003-02-2011
MSWE Project Public Hearing62803-25-2011
MSWE Agenda 3.8.11Brief Agenda62703-25-2011
Biomass Fuel Assessment for Middlebury CollegeVermont Family Forests report from 200462709-15-2011
Turco testimony to close PilgrimD. Turco's testimony to close Pilgrim Nuclear Reactor.62706-07-2014
MSWE 4.13.10 MTGBrief agenda for Kensei mtg62503-25-2011
MSWE Chronology of Events62503-25-2011
Not in my LifetimeThis publication tells the story of the Town of Pines responding to water contamination from a coal ash dump.62408-20-2010
CPP financial responsesResponses to financial questions -- memo from Henderson to Silliman, Dumas, Withers, 9/26/1062003-02-2011
GreenHunter NEPA Demand LetterLetter to the U.S. Coast Guard, demanding an Environmental Impact Statement be undertaken of the GreenHunter Water LLC terminal project near New Matamoras.62003-12-2013
MSWE Comp. Overview 8.21.1061903-25-2011
MSWE Financing Strategies 9/10New Strategies and Options 9.8.1061803-25-2011
What's in the Future for Meigs County?Mining & logging61602-26-2011
Clean Air Task Force TestimonyTestifying in favor of the plant.61507-09-2010
2000 Air Emissions61209-19-2011
Collinwood Iron Recycling61003-25-2011
Host Agreement between Normal, IL and Paradigm BioAviationHost agreement61010-24-2014
MSW Briefing Doc.Undated- from 2007?60903-25-2011
Process Dvlp. Mtg.For MSWE Project60503-25-2011
MSWE Supplemental Report 10/09From RNR 10.11.0960103-25-2011
MSWE 2nd Mtg. 2.23.11Business stakeholders sign-in59803-25-2011
Dixie Waste Services Air PermitPermit Number 0290016-002-AC; Issued 2/2/2012, Expires June 30, 2014. 59708-21-2013
Song: Alachua County Biomass"Daddy won't you take me to Alachua County... I'm sorry, my son, but you're too late in asking... chainsaws have cut it away." (Who is the singer??)59407-29-2013
MSWE Project59203-25-2011
Questions for Paradigm BioAviation58810-17-2014
Gov Patrick's letter to NRC re PilgrimMassachusetts Gov Patrick's letter to the NRC regarding Pilgrim Nuclear Reactor.58306-07-2014
Paradigm's Presentation to Public Officials58210-17-2014
Zoning Hearing Board AppealIncludes deed and purchase and land sale agreement for property that would be used for the incinerator.57802-21-2014
Waste Agreement - Bloomington, IL & Paradigm BioAviatiWaste Supply & Disposal Agreement between Bloomington, IL and Paradigm BioAviation57410-24-2014
Bristol Twp Hazardous Waste Incinerator - mediaNewspaper coverage of Bristol Twp PA hazardous waste incinerator proposal57302-21-2014
IRA letter of concern re Paradigm BioAviationIllinois Recycling Association memo of concern to Bloomington and Normal, IL regarding MSW-to-jet-fuel proposal by Paradigm BioAviation55110-24-2014
Barnstable Letter to Gov on Ballot QuestionBarnstable Council informs Governor of the voters' opinion on the ballot question to close the Pilgrim nuclear reactor.54806-07-2014
Construction Ordered HaltedMD Department of the Environment orders Energy Answers to stop construction because they violated their air permit by failing to buy pollution offsets. (6/19/2014)54806-28-2014
Minutes Washington County 54711-25-2014
MDE correspondence re GPPSMaryland Department of the Environment 2014 correspondence regarding Green Planet Power Solutions.54011-24-2014
MSWE 6.23.10 Presentation43403-25-2011
Letter of Intent 11.6.0742104-13-2011
1996 Air Emissions36409-19-2011

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