Sharing our Calendar, Sharing Your Calendar

We've launched our new Energy Justice calendar.

Now we are working on improvements!

We want to do is facilitate sharing our calendar. We want to make it easy for you to import the information into your personal calendar or a website.

For instance, you can embed our list of upcoming events into your website by using this iframe code:

Launching the Energy Justice Calendar

We have worked on improving our calendar. It is now available in two formats: calendar-style and the previous table and map style

The calendar has a iCal feed which can be imported into Google Calendar, your personal calendar application, and an organization's website calendar.

We have added a list of important upcoming events to the calendar.

Community Map Email List

We want you to join the EJ Community Map user email list. We need your help in building this project!

  • Get support for your questions.
  • Suggest improvements and new features.
  • Network with other users.
  • Get bugs fixed.
  • Help us prioritize improvements.
  • Learn how to use the map to further your community group's goals.

    Join the list

  • Why Integrate? Help us Build An Integrated System for Grassroots Activists Fighting Power Plants

    Sometimes it feels that there is an overwhelming number of online tools for activists to use. Why should you take the time to learn and use the Energy Justice Communities Map?

    New Add Facility Feature

    I've been working hard on improving the Add Facility feature and now it is ready! Note you must first signup and log in to be able to use it.

    You can use this feature to add information about a proposed, existing, or defeated facility.

    Please let me know if there is you have any questions or suggested improvements to it.

    Portland Pollution Map

    Neighbors for Clean Air has very neat looking map of suspicious odors and factories. There is also a schools layer which I turned off. The school layer only includes schools in a small square area of the city. It also looks like the factory data is incomplete and does not cover an industrial section in the northern part of town.

    Mapping Carbon Trading in Europe and Corporate Profits

    Sandbag Climate Campaign has a map of carbon trading in Europe and several other amazing maps. They have a Video Tutorial for the carbon trading map.

    Mapping the Anti-Fracking Movement in NY State

    This social movement map from FracTracker on anti-fracking ordinances is very inspiring:

    Click on it to zoom in and get the details!

    Oil and Gas Wells in Texas

    It is amazing to look at Texas in Google Earth or another satellite mapping program. Parts of Texas are covered in oil and gas wells. Texas has over 100,000 wells.

    This is what the map looks by Sonora, Texas.

    The white specks are all wells.

    Vote for us on the EPA Apps for the Environment Contest

    I entered our Energy Justice Communites Maps as a submission to "Apps for the Environment".

    You can Vote for Us and help us promote our cause!

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