How to Get Involved with this Project

There are many ways to get involved in this project.

Add yourself, your group (if you have one), and request control of any facilities that you are monitoring in your community. Join any relevant email lists that we have (biomass, nocoal, etc).

GIS Internships
If you are a student in college studying GIS, we can get you an internship.

State/Regional Organizers
We are looking for people who want to take responsibility for organizing around an issue in a state or region. For instance if you want to fight biomass in Ohio. In the future, we'll setup our map so you will be empowered to make changes affecting an entire state or issue.

Design a National Color Print Map
It'd be great to have a glossy color map (of power plants) that we could distribute at a reasonable price to activists. Something that would look nice on the wall, educate, and encourage your friends to get involved in the issue.

Find a Layer of Data
If there is data that you know about that we don't display, we'd love to work with you to display it! Activists from outside the US might be interested in getting power plant data for their country.

Improve the Website
We love suggestions! You can Email Us. You can signup for our Map Community email list. We promise to quickly squash bugs and add the features you want. We will personally respond to all (on-topic) emails.

Web Designer - Volunteer
We need help doing web design. If you want to improve the design, let us know.

Web Developer - Volunteer
We could use help programming (PHP, MySQL, jQuery) this open source project.