Biomass Potential Layers

I added biomass potential layers from the NREL biomass 2008 data set.

You can see them on our National Map.

For instance you can see a map of Forest Residue (dry tons per square mile).

You can click on the layer to get the underlying data value.

Burn that residue before the forest gets a chance to grow back!

Sharing Our Data in KML

I created a page to share our data in KML.

KML is a good format for sharing data. You can use a KML file in Google Maps API or you can import it into your own map with the (easier to use) Google - My Maps.

This American Life Covers Fracking in PA

Check out This American Life episode 440: “Game Changer.” <–link

[ DELCO TIMES ] Chester Co-op is helping solve city’s woes...

Friday, July 15, 2011
Times Guest Columnist
On Aug. 29, 2005, almost 1,300 miles away from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, I recall sitting in my apartment and watching the suffering of people I had never met in a place that I had only visited once. And I wept.

5 Reasons to Stay Active this Summer

1) Harness Energy Post-Power Shift and Keep Momentum Going

Mike Ewall audio interview

SolarTimes editor Sandy LeonVest ( talks to energy justice advocate, researcher and political organizer Mike Ewall of the Energy Justice Network about "corporate greenwashing" and false energy solutions.

Listen to It

[ ] March on Blair Mountain Updates

The March began with a 9 am press conference that helped kick off a great day of marching. Marchers then headed down MacCorkle Avenue towards 94 with banners carrying reading “Save Blair Mountain” “Appalachia Deserves a Clean Local Economy” and more. Marchers then moved onto the side of the road down 94 to the base of Lens Creek Mountain.

We Won a Google Adwords Grant

Today Energy Justice won a Google Adwords grant!

This provides us with an in-kind donation of advertising which we can use to increase our traffic and reach more people.

Our ads will start showing up on the right hand side when you do searches in Google for any terms that we target (so long as they aren't expensive keywords).

We're looking for people who want to write! If you want to create new pages or update existing ones - Email Me I can get you an account, work with you to learn how to use our content management system (Drupal) and how to improve it to make contributing as easy as possible. I can also launch a Google advertising campaign that will maximize traffic to your web pages.

[PHILLY.COM] Chester Co-op is where fresh food - and a community - finds a home

May 26, 2011

By BETH D'ADDONO, For the Daily News

A Unique Block Party...

Chester Community Garden Expands With Help from Amish Horse and Plow Team


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