Garbage In, Garbage Out [The Biomass Monitor]

Garbage In, Garbage Out

- by Mercedes Brugh

One of the unanswered questions about the pyrolyzation garbage-to-electricity proposal for Logansport, Indiana has been about emissions.

No proof has been offered about emissions. We have been told that the Pyrolyzer plant will have to follow the “strictest emissions rules,” but that is no comfort. Indiana consistently ranks among the worst of the states for pollution.

We have heard the pyrolyzation theory and that the syngas has been approved for use in adapted natural gas turbines. This is promising but should not be confused with proof that the plant’s emissions will be safe.

Facts Needed on Penrose, NC Biomass Proposal [The Biomass Monitor]

- by Rick and Jeannie Falknor

Transylvania County residents deserve all the facts about the proposed biofuel plant at the airport site in Penrose [North Carolina], especially the negative impacts such a business can have on our county.

First, biomass power generation is a dirty industry. According to a Wall Street Journal-cited study conducted in early 2012, of the 107 operating biomass plants in the United States, 85 have been cited by federal or state regulators for the violation of clean air or water standards laws over the past 5 years. And the dirty reality goes further. These biomass generators have been shown to release high levels of fine particulate air pollution that can cause breathing problems, and volatile organic compounds linked to cancer.

Report: Tree Plantations in the South to Generate Energy in the North [The Biomass Monitor]

Report: Tree Plantations in the South to Generate Energy in the North

-by Rachel Smolker, The Biomass Monitor

It is always helpful to hear the perspective of people in the “global south,” especially when it is their land in the tropics that is so often targeted as a source of biomass energy for the “north.” World Rainforest Movement (WRM) has been at the forefront of opposition to industrial tree plantations for decades, so they know full well what the consequences of vast new demands for biomass will be.

Biomass Industry Plays With Fire, Gets Burned [The Biomass Monitor]

- by Josh Schlossberg, The Biomass Monitor

Toxic smokestack emissions aren’t the only public health threat from industrial scale biomass energy facilities. Fires and explosions have been responsible for multiple injuries and three deaths at biomass incinerators over the past three decades.

As of May 2013, fires and/or explosions have occurred at 22 industrial biomass incinerators, based on research from UK-based Port Talbot Residents Against Power Stations and The Biomass Monitor. Additionally, over 45 wood pellet plants and 20 wood products mills have experienced fires of varying levels of intensity and destructiveness.  

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An Anti-Biomass Movement Beyond Borders [The Biomass Monitor]

- by Josh Schlossberg, Energy Justice Network

[graphic: Steve Adams Illustration]

adamsillustration.comThe grassroots biomass resistance has come a long way over the years and it’s growing stronger every day. A mere five years ago few people even questioned the logic of classifying polluting biomass energy alongside smokestack-free energy sources like solar and wind. Most environmental groups hailed bioenergy as a climate savior and the only mentions of biomass in the media were how many jobs developers were promising.

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Report: “Unintended Consequences” from Biomass Boom [The Biomass Monitor]

Report: “Unintended Consequences” from Biomass Boom  

- by Josh Schlossberg, The Biomass Monitor

Add another one to the stack of studies shattering the biomass industry’s illusion of carbon neutrality. One would assume that the scientific community’s repeated debunking of the alleged climate benefits of biomass would already have knocked the polluting energy source off its “green” pedestal. However, in a world where 97% of climate scientists attribute global warming to human activity and only 57% of Americans believe them, it’s clear that science alone can’t change people’s minds.


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