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Please sign below to let Bristol City Mayor Caggiano know that you do not want Bristol to become the northeast regional hub for incinerating infectious, pathological, and chemotherapeutic medical waste.

Burning medical waste is toxic and unneccesary. In 1988, there were over 6,200 medical waste incinerators in the U.S. Now, there are only about 30, as most of the country has shifted to safe non-burn alternatives.
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Dear Mayor Caggiano,

As a Bristol resident, I'm asking you to withdraw the city's public support for Covanta's plan to start burning infectious, pathological, and chemotherapeutic medical waste in our city. Covanta has applied to replace 8% of the trash they burn here in Bristol with up to 20,900 tons/year of these medical wastes.
  • Covanta wants to start burning up to 20,900 tons/year of medical waste from hospitals, medical facilities, and human and animal medical research facilities throughout the Northeast. This is twice what Connecticut generates, and would make them one of the largest medical waste incinerators in the nation.

  • Covanta will not need to comply with the stricter air pollution standards that apply to official medical waste incinerators. They will only be required to meet less protective standards that apply to trash incinerators.

  • Burning medical waste releases toxic pollutants like dioxins and furans which can cause cancer, reproductive problems, birth defects, immune system suppression, and lung problems.

  • Medical waste incineration is unnecessary, as the nation has largely shifted to safer non-burn alternatives. Medical waste is not required to be incinerated. Only two states in the Northeast require burning of pathological waste (body parts), which is less than 1% of the medical waste stream.
Burning waste is a failed solution of the past. Hosting one of the largest medical waste incinerators in the nation is incompatible with any vision for "Building a Better Bristol," and we ask that you please reject Covanta's medical waste burning plan.

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