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The Wheelabrator Westchester trash incinerator in Peekskill is the county's #1 air polluter, contributing to asthma attacks, cancer, heart attacks, and other health problems for residents in and near Peekskill.

About 90% of the trash from Westchester County is burned in Peekskill, along with sewage sludge from Connecticut. Incineration (and landfilling the toxic ash in Connecticut) is the most polluting way to manage waste, and is about twice as bad for the climate as landfilling directly.

New York is working on a climate plan that would promote incineration as a solution over landfilling. Please sign below to let the state know that any climate plan must end incineration as soon as possible.

You can also give custom comments on the Draft Scoping Plan for the state's implementation of the 2019 Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act.
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As a resident of Westchester County, my trash is burned at the Wheelabrator Westchester trash incinerator in the environmental justice community of Peekskill, NY.

I am disappointed that the Draft Scoping Plan did not call for an end to trash incineration and a rapid transition to Zero Waste statewide.

The Climate Action Plan must call for the closure of all 10 municipal solid waste incinerators in New York and recommend that no new incinerators (or gasification or pyrolysis facilities) be permitted in the state.

NY has the most trash incinerators of any state, except for Florida, which now has the same number. We cannot be a climate leader while burning garbage!

Waste incineration is about twice as bad as landfilling for the climate. In 2011, DEC documented that New York's ten trash incinerators are dirtier than the eight coal power plants that used to exist in our state, all of which are now closed. New York's waste incinerators perform significantly worse in terms of cancer causing hazardous air pollutants compared to other power plants in the state. Incineration is the most expensive and polluting way to produce electricity or to dispose of waste.

In Westchester County, incineration is an environmental racism issue, most directly impacting the City of Peekskill, an environmental justice community. It must be a priority for the state's implementation of CLCPA to undo this environmental injustice, and for the sake of climate and environmental health, to end incineration state-wide.

The Scoping Plan must end to trash incineration and rapidly transition New York to Zero Waste statewide.

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