Campaigners Challenge Environment Agency

Campaigners Challenge Environment Agency

- by The Breathe Clean Air Group 


Trafford, UK-based Breathe Clean Air Group has challenged the Environment Agency over a serious irregularity in issuing the controversial Barton Renewable Energy Plant in Greater Manchester, with an Environmental Permit.

Group Chairman Pete Kilvert has written to Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles claiming that the Environment Agency has clearly flouted the law and this should be taken up with higher authorities. The Barton Renewable Energy Plant is still awaiting planning permission, but two weeks before a Public Inquiry last November, the Environment Agency issued an Environmental Permit.

“Not only did the timing of the permit go against us” said Mr. Kilvert, “but certain facts about the danger of the incinerator were not revealed. One crucial fact that was not revealed was that the Environment Agency failed to notice, when looking at Peel Energy’s plans, that the nearest people to be affected by emissions from the plant lived on Wilfred Street, not Tindall Street, Peel Green.”

The Breathe Clean Air Group says that Wilfred Street will receive 2 per cent extra nitrogen dioxide from the plant, and they are already well over the limit for this toxic and irritant gas, because of their proximity to the M60 motorway. Mr. Kilvert has urged Mr Pickles, who will make the final decision about the Davyhulme biomass incinerator by mid May, that he should not allow it to be built. The campaign group has also planned to visit Parliament next month to stress to MPs, the dangers of burning biomass.

“We are not opposed to alternative energy” added Mr Kilvert, “but biomass should not be used as it adds to Global Warming and has serious health impacts.”