Friends: We've always done excellent work on a shoe-string budget.  Our small crew has been providing critical support to community environmental leaders all over the U.S., enabling countless victories against coal, gas, incineration and other existing and proposed polluters.

We need to raise $50,000 to bring us through 2013.  We aimed to raise $10,000 of that this month, and have already raised $9,491!  I think we can make it to $15,000.  Please check out our work, reach out to us for help if you need it, and offer whatever support you can:

Below is an overview of our work that we shared with our email contacts.  Click the "read more" link below to check it out.

Thanks, and Happy New Year!

The Energy Justice Team
Mike, Traci, Aaron, Alex, Josh & Samantha

Dear Energy Justice friend,

Every day, we're hearing from communities that need our support, whether it's to stop proposals for the coal plant near their homes, the trash incinerator near their child's school, the landfill by their farmland, or the gas pipeline through their town.

No matter where you live, the impacts of dirty energy and waste facilities aren't far away.  Few groups exist to help you focus locally and win victories to improve your community's health by stopping polluters.  Doing so moves us toward the clean energy and zero waste society we'd all like to live in -- and the green jobs that come with it.

In the last handful of years, activists in our network have stopped over 100 proposed coal power plants and several dozen planned incinerators that would have burned everything from trash to tires to trees.  We've contributed to victories over fracking, crematoria, landfills, mountain-top removal coal mining, and more.

Grassroots activism works!  While large-scale legislative efforts are slow to make change, those of us changing the facts on the ground are having a major effect.  We're not just pushing polluters from one community to another, but are knocking out 60-90% of entire industrial waves of proposals for dirty energy and waste facilities.  We do this by creating strong "Not in ANYone's Backyard" networks where communities help each other.  As we reshape entire industries, showing that nuclear, coal, oil, gas and biomass/incineration are not options we'll allow, we create the economic space for clean solutions to take root.

Here is an outline of what we offer to help you win:

-Find out what polluters are targeting your area: Hundreds of new dirty energy and waste industry are targeting communities around the country.  We often find out about corporate plans that you may not even know are targeting your area yet.  Be in touch with us to see what we know needs attention in your backyard.  If we have your current zip code, we can reach out to you when we hear about threats to your area.  Please check out and sign up for our mapping project at This interactive site allows you to find existing and proposed polluters and to share info on them and any local efforts to stop them.

-Organizing advice and support: We regularly support grassroots activists with info on the problems with technologies they're fighting, provide connections to other activists who have worked on the same issue, and offer effective strategies to win, including local legal tools such as local ordinances that can halt polluters.

-Network-building: We connect people around various industries they're fighting, mainly through focused email discussion lists.

  We have active email discussion lists on:
   ~natural gas
   ~biomass incineration
   ~trash incineration

  We're also building membership in lists (that aren't currently very active) on:
   ~tire incineration
   ~poultry waste incineration
   ~landfill gas
   ~power lines
   ~toxic waste sites

  We also have a monthly newsletter on biomass issues, called the Biomass Monitor, which you can join through: (past issues are archived here)

If you're working on any of these issues and would like to join our networks on them, write us at, let us know which lists you're interested in joining and explain your interest and involvement in the issues(s), if any.

HELP US HELP YOU: We're honestly overwhelmed right now, trying to help communities in the coming year tackle gas-fired power plants, incinerators and more.  We're one of the most frugal and efficient organizations you can support, and your help will go far.  If you can help us this year, please do.

LOW INCOME READERS: If you are on a tight budget, don't send cash!  Just forward this to others who might need our help or might be able to help.  :)  We also need help building our Facebook community: you can invite your Facebook friends, that's a big help, too.  We are proud to have you with us.

Okay, I'll make a donation.

If you would prefer to send a check:
Energy Justice Network
1434 Elbridge St
Philadelphia, PA 19149


Mike Ewall
Founder & Director
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