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From www.energyjusticesummer.org:


We are young organizers who care deeply about social justice and human rights. We seek a world where everyone has access to sustainable energy and no one suffers unjustly because of our fossil fuel economy. We believe that fracking presents a grave threat to people everywhere, especially those on the frontlines of extraction. To create a just energy future, we must stop fracking.

This summer, SustainUS and Energy Justice Network are launching a joint project called “Energy Justice Summer” to work in solidarity communities directly impacted by fracking in Pennsylvania. Here’s what we have planned:

  • COMMUNITY WORKSHOPS: We’ll host workshops with experts to teach residents how to monitor the environmental and socioeconomic impacts of fracking and organize to stop them.
  • STUDENT TRAININGS: We’ll convene students across the Northeast and prepare them to launch campaigns against fracking on campus this fall. 
  • IMPACTFUL RESEARCH: We’ll analyze violations of five gas companies, creating valuable materials for regulatory appeals and legal fights. We will show that rural poverty has increased since shale development has begun. Finally, we will report on the feasibility of a just transition away from fracking toward a green economy in Northeast Pennsylvania.
  • CREATIVE ACTIONS: We'll support ongoing fights to stop expansion of natural gas infrastructure, including the Cove Point LNG export terminal and other export transmission facilities.

By supporting and joining our campaign, you will help to stop fracking and bring about a more just energy future. From the frontlines of fracking in Pennsylvania to the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, people are suffering because of continued fossil fuel extraction. We need to show that fracking is unacceptable and that young people will stand in solidarity with the communities most impacted. We need Energy Justice Summer.

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Be an Energy Justice Summer Fellow!

We are recruiting fellows to join us in Susquehanna County in northeast Pennsylvania, beginning June 1st and ending August 8th. Fellows will live in a farmhouse and work together 40 hours a week while receiving a living stipend. Housing and food will be covered by the program. Other arrangements for stipends can be made for fellows who live locally, but not in the farmhouse.

The fellows will engage in three core project areas: Research, Education & Outreach, and Action Coordination.

  • RESEARCH FELLOWS – Fellows will conduct research and generate reports. Topics include the violations history of gas drillers in the Marcellus Shale, socio-economic impacts of shale gas development, clean energy potential of the region, and how to bolster traditional rural heritage economies. We’re seeking young people with fluency in Microsoft Excel, the scientific method, statistics, environmental science, sociology, and public policy.
  • EDUCATION & OUTREACH FELLOWS – Education & Outreach Fellows will offer trainings for students and local residents that develop skills in public relations, water and air monitoring, regulatory appeals, local ordinances, industry financial analysis, clean energy installation, energy efficiency standards, and community organizing. Fellows in this track will produce a summer curriculum, webinars, and videos. They will also lead shalefield tours and trainings in Susquehanna County. Fellows will coordinate logistics for speakers and experts on training topics that can’t be covered by knowledge in the group. We’re seeking young people with experience in public speaking, education, communications, journalism, environmental studies, political science, organizing, outreach, and recruitment.
  • ACTION COORDINATION FELLOWS – Action Coordination Fellows will provide direct action trainings, plan creative protests and direct action in conjunction with the local campaigns of northeast PA residents, and coordinate the logistics of a week-long action camp the last week of July. We’re seeking young people involved in the fracking or climate movements on campus or in their communities, who have participated in a diversity of protests or actions, and who have experience in public speaking or teaching.

Energy Justice Network is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate by race, gender, or sexual orientation. Applicants will be considered strictly based on their qualifications and experience.