Bold Energy Justice Platform Released!

After a year of work with numerous grassroots leaders throughout the U.S., our network of activists fighting "biomass" incinerators has put together a bold and comprehensive platform to guide and unite our work. Since so-called "biomass" incineration cuts across many issues, including energy and waste policy as well as agriculture and forestry issues, it makes sense that this came out of that network.

The platform is in solidarity with those who are fighting other forms of dirty energy and seeks an end to nuclear power and all fossil fuels as well. We do not wish to see one form of dirty energy solved by promoting another, which we often see when nuclear power, natural gas or "biomass" are proposed as alternatives to coal. It is urgent that we move beyond all of these. Since many of us fighting "biomass" incinerators are also engaged in protecting communities from these other threats, we see this as one inter-related struggle for clean energy.

We urge our colleagues -- both grassroots, regional and national organizations -- to join us in adopting this strong platform and to recognize that natural gas and biomass are not "transition" fuels.

Please view our platform and consider signing you or your organization onto it.