Newsletter Edition - Thursday, June 18th, 2010

Join Energy Justice Network at the US Social Forum 2010 in Detroit!

Workshop #1
Mapping for Justice: Open Source, Dirty Energy and Waste Facilities

Wed, 06/23/2010 - 10:00am - 12:00pm
Woodward Academy Room 1449

Energy Justice Network is creating a space to share critical
information about all of the existing, proposed, closed and defeated dirty energy and waste facilities in the United States, the corporations behind them and the grassroots groups and activists
fighting them. By mapping the grassroots environmental justice
movement, we aim to help grassroots environmental activists better
research their opposition and connect with other activists who can
best help them. We want to collaborate with all activists that are
committed to progressive and critical change in sharing data about
waste and dirty energy facilities. Using open source software, we are
building an online community where you can add, edit, and verify the
information. We will share information about dirty energy and waste
facilities with participants in a way that makes it easy to

The workshop will introduce participants to the concept of mapping
for social change, using the Energy Justice Mapping Tool
(, and discuss the principles of online
collaboration, transparency and accountability. Participants are
encouraged, yet not required to bring their computers if available.

For questions and comments about the mapping tool please contact
Aaron Kreider , if you have questions about the workshop including location, content, etc. please contact Janvieve Williams C.

Workshop #2
Biofuels, Biomass, Bio-Economy: One Big Bio-mess! in collaboration with BioFuelWatch

Thu, 06/24/2010 - 3:30pm - 5:30pm

at Woodward Academy: 1473

Biofuels, Biomass, Biochar and the Bioeconomy: Can we replace fossil
fuels with plant-based fuels? What are the trends and implications for
food, agriculture, forests, biodiversity, human rights and climate?
The bulk of supports for renewable energy are directed to "bio"
energy, based on the assumption that agricultural crops and trees are
infinitely "renewable" and that refining or burning them is
"clean and green". But this myth is unraveling. Diverting grains
into biofuels has impacted food production, increased fertilizer use,
and left rural economies burdened with a collapsing industry.
Meanwhile burning wood and other forms of biomass incineration for
heat and electricity is escalating. The result is more industrial
burners polluting the air in our communities, and a massive demand for
biomass that seriously threatens forests, farms and waterways.
Genetically engineered trees and microbes, are being developed to
produce fuels and other "bioproducts". A reality check on the
meaning of "renewable, clean and green" and strategies for
opposing this "false solution" will be discussed.

Tabling: Please stop by our table at the Social Forum to say hello!

Launching Our Energy Justice Map

After two years of hard work, we are officially launching our map of over 10,000 power plants and dirty waste facilities!

Join our online network of activists
and help us make this resource even better.


The Energy Justice Network is the grassroots energy agenda,
supporting communities threatened by polluting energy and waste

Taking direction from our grassroots base and the Principles of
Environmental Justice, we advocate a clean energy, zero-emission,
zero-waste future for all. Read more about our work and get involved.