Study: solar, wind and storage can provide 99.9% of power By 2030

A new study has determined that renewables could economically fully power a utility scale electric grid 99.9% of the time by 2030 - and without government subsidies, if the proper mix is implemented.  This new study affirms what we've been saying for a decade now: we don't need nuclear, coal, oil, gas, biomass/incineration or other dirty energy sources.  We can meet our energy needs with conservation, efficiency, wind, solar and energy storage... and it'll be reliable and cheaper than our status quo.   See the press release or the full study.

We need big environmental groups to start accepting that this reality is possible so that they can stop promoting natural gas and biomass as if they are necessary "transition fuels."  One way to help, aside from sharing this info, is to sign onto our platform calling for a 100% shift to clean energy, and encourage others to do the same.